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At Ground Zero Performance, we work to improve the speed and agility of athletes at every level and sport, by combining the most effective training drills with innovative equipment.   Additionally, our sessions focus on change of direction agility exercises, and sport specific speed and strength training drills which we feel impacts amateurs and professional athletes alike.

The best and fastest way to become a better player isn’t just by playing in more games. You need to improve your overall athleticism.  Increase your arm strength, speed up your cuts and push your game into the next level with Ground Zero Performance.

Whether you’re n experienced athlete, a college athlete preparing for the combine, or a youth league player training for the next level, Ground Zero Performance will help you meet your goals. Our unique programs, bolstered by certified coaches, and elite curriculum, help players of all levels become faster, stronger, and more explosive.

Make plays in big games by improving your speed, strength, agility and explosive power with this comprehensive training and nutrition program. We also help you educe your risk for injuries by improving the quality of your muscle tissue, as well as gaining stability and flexibility where you need it.

Our program is geared to towards making you the best athlete possible. Quick, fast, reactive, strong, stable and explosive.  We use various implements such as a high speed treadmill among other speed equipment, a detailed and effective weight training program and, most importantly, some of the best coaching in the Louisiana area.  Our coaches have years of experience in training as well as professional football experience.



Ground Zero Performance desires to create a competitive and educational training environment where athletes perfect their physical and mental skills to maximize their on the field performance. We are the premier sport specific training company in the Louisiana area.




Our Athletes exudes intensity, passion, dedication, commitment to preparing for greatness, and most of all, the pursuit for perfection. Our athletes are always gaining momentum, anxious to learn and determined to take their game to the next level. We build winners on and off the field.




Ground Zero Performance builds a learning environment that will provide all our athletes the necessary skills to be successful within their sport and community, as well as encourage them to reach their full potential through discipline, sportsmanship and character building.


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What Ground Zero Can Do For You

Increase Your Speed

The difference between you and your defender? Speed. Proper movement techniques the kind that can take up to .2 seconds or more off your 40-yard dash determine whether you make first string or not. But fast means nothing if you’re not running efficiently. Ground Zero Performance training blends proper movement technique with agility exercises to improve both coordination and speed.

Improve Blocking and Tackling Strength

A huge key to football is dominant blocking and tackling; especially in the fourth quarter. Ground Zero Performance coaches implement programs that increase core strength, stability, and power production. This will give you the edge you need to finish the game stronger and tougher than your opponents.

Gain Balance and Agility

Great plays require more than just overall talent and stregth. At Ground Zero Performance, our certified coaches improve the way you move with protocols that increase foot quickness and steady lateral movement. This leads to improved weight distribution, balance, agility, and side-to-side cutting ability.



Reduce the Likelihood of Injury

You can’t play the game if you’re injured and sitting on the bench. We can help you stay in play with mobility development, rehabilitation exercises, and movement analysis. Reduce the likelihood of injury with SGround Zero Performance’s  specialized program that helps decrease the incidence of acute and overuse injuries.


Train With Us!

Ground Zero Performance can help make you faster, stronger, and more explosive. At our state-of-the-art centers, you’ll train like a pro with our professional, certified coaches. We train athletes nationwide and we offer our proven programs for everyone, regardless of age, skill level or athletic or fitness goals.  Take advantage of performance programs the pros use and Ground Zero Performance trained today!


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